The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Optimisation

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What do you think optimisation of a game project is?  Do you think it's writing really efficient code or getting your game to run as fast as possible?  Is it a task you do days before release or from the very start?

Not sure where to start?  Well this course is for you.

Designed for INTERMEDIATE level Unity and C# students, the content within will forge you into an optimisation expert.  Without even thinking you'll be pulling up the Unity profiler and investigating CPU and GPU bottlenecks like a pro.

You'll find hints and tips on improving the performance of your game starting with the script and moving onto art assets and finally physics.

There are plenty of hands-on exercises designed to give you skills in forensic debugging that will be valuable to you far into the future.

Course Reviews

Excellent course on optimisation: I love that it focuses on the all aspect of the subject, namely: - a discussion behind the theory of optimisation - a discussion around best practices and practical usages - a discussion about using the actual tools available to get hands-on practice and real results 5 stars from me!
Solofo R.
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A great and engaging course that teaches you a lot about the Unity Profiler which is key to optimising the games. It is a valuable skill that people look for. It's in a tutorial format which is my preferred method of learning.
Sam H.

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Penny de Byl

Professor of Games Development, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
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I'm a full stack developer of most things computer sciency and academic with a true passion for teaching. I've been teaching others about games development, programming, computer graphics, animation and web design for over 25 years in universities in Australia and Europe at the full professor level. I've also consulted for Unity, SAE, the Australian Institute of Entertainment and Wikitude. My best selling textbooks including Holistic Game Development with Unity are used in over 100 institutions world-wide.