Master Procedural Maze & Dungeon Generation

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Procedural generation in game development lends itself to the algorithmic generation of unique computer-created environments and gameplay experiences. The power is in its ability to automatically develop game content on the fly, reducing the amount of work required by the game designer. However, a lot of preparation by the programmers and artists is necessary for such a strategy to be implemented.  A thorough understanding of the role that both sides of the game development coin (of technical/logic and art/design) play in procedural generation is key for a successful implementation. In this course, Penny and Mike bring a unique experience to both programmers and artists alike and combine their skills and many years of industry and academic knowledge, to bring you a holistic learning experience in which you will find content and invaluable mastery.

Course Reviews

This is a fantastic course for learning the ins and outs of making procedural levels. Penny does a great job guiding you through the code side of generating mazes from simple mazes all the way through to giant dungeons. Michael brings things along guiding you through building the assets that can really bring your procedural levels to life.
Brian T.
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After 7 years of making games and taking courses, I finally feel able to make my own games from scratch, and this is in huge part thanks to this course because the instructors, Penny and Mikey, really take the time to talk about the issues that other instructors don't take into account while making games, like the importing issues from Blender to Unity, or how to truly create modular assets, and of course, all the amazing algorithms and how to use them and reuse them for other purposes, using the A* algorithm to create mazes was mind blowing.
Miguel Y.

What's included?

  • 20.5 hours on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • 36 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Learn what it requires to be a full stack game developer

You will gain experience and a great overview in all the skills required to put together a game on your own.

A complete game world

 You will also learn how to put the ideas presented to you into your very own first person shooter.

Meet Your Instructor     
Penny de Byl

Professor of Games Development, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
About me
I'm a full stack developer of most things computer sciency and academic with a true passion for teaching. I've been teaching others about games development, programming, computer graphics, animation and web design for over 25 years in universities in Australia and Europe at the full professor level. I've also consulted for Unity, SAE, the Australian Institute of Entertainment and Wikitude. My best selling textbooks including Holistic Game Development with Unity are used in over 100 institutions world-wide.